Rewriting DNA.

Over the past few weeks I have read a lot of posts and heard a lot of podcasts in which the rewriting of DNA has been talked about. It’s gotten to the point of being ridiculous. I’ve heard it proposed that the mark of the beast is altered DNA. The story goes that the evil one has his scientists working on rewriting DNA which is going to be put into humans to change them into something other than human, nephilim maybe. When someone posts dumb things like this without doing their homework it just makes Christians look stupid. First off, scientists can splice genes. It’s being done a lot, however it cannot be used to change a human or an animal into something else. DNA doesn’t work that way. DNA is a code for the building and development of a creature. Once that is done it can’t be changed by adding new DNA. Every cell in your body has your DNA in it’s nucleus. They could rewrite a strand of DNA then put it into a cell, then put that cell into a human body. The body would then have one altered DNA strand. The other trillion cells would still have the original DNA. DNA doesn’t spread from cell to cell. The one cell with the altered DNA may split, then there would be two cells with altered DNA. At the same time the other trillion cells in the body are also splitting, producing new cells with the original DNA. Once the body has grown and developed per the code in it’s original DNA, it’s a done deal. New DNA is not going to make the body rebuild itself into something new. It doesn’t work that way. Anyone who paid attention in high school biology class will know this. Doctors have been implanting valves and arteries from pig hearts into humans for thirty years or more. This is done when the patient has damage to the heart that cannot be repaired another way. The patient then lives the rest of his life with a pig artery full of pig DNA inside his body. The DNA doesn’t spread and turn the patient into a pig. It doesn’t work that way.

Now having said all that I will point out what they maybe can do. It would be possible to alter DNA then put it into an egg, then allow the egg to grow and develop into whatever organism the altered DNA is coded for. This is what is done with genetically modified crops. If DNA is changed before growth an altered creature can be produced. But an already developed organism will not be altered by adding new DNA. It’s too late development has already taken place.

The mark of the beast is not altered DNA, You cannot be turned into a nephilim by the addition of new DNA, Nimrod was not changed into a nephilim, etc, etc. I hope I have added some common sense into this issue.

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3 Responses to Rewriting DNA.

  1. Billy, what if that DNA was carried by a virus? Viruses do sometimes completely take over the host. Just like cancer is an overgrowth of cells, what if DNA was altered by a powerful virus? Could it not in effect change the hand or forehead in some form of recognizable mark? Perhaps at some point their becomes more virus infected (changed DNA) cells than original? It wouldn’t change a person into a Nephilim, but perhaps something not exactly human either.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Kim. I’m not sure about that. The impression I get from what I have read about viruses is that they destroy a cells DNA and put their own DNA in it’s place causing it to produce more viruses. The aids virus supposedly put’s it’s own DNA in T cells causing them to produce more aids virus when they are supposed to be producing white blood cells eventually killing the host when it infects all the T cells and no more white blood cells can be produced. Could a virus be used to insert some altered DNA in cells? I don’t know. I need to do more reading before I take any stance on that one.

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