The book of Jasher debunked.

Hi folks I keep hearing the book of jasher quoted as if it were a valid text. Enough is enough let’s cut to the chase. The book of jasher is mentioned in the scripture. By that we can know that at some point a genuine book of jasher did exist. However there is abundant proof that the currently circulating book of jasher is not the real thing. It is a medieval forgery. I’m not the first one to figure this out. It’s been known for a long time that the real Jasher has been lost. As far as the medieval forgery aspect goes there are several things that tip you to that. The folks here seem to be the type who read a variety of material, have any of you ever read the talmud or better yet the targums? The current book of Jasher shares a lot of aspects with those. For instance magical powers bieng conjured up using the name of God and a crystal stick with the name of God written on it being used for magical purposes. These are not things you find in the old testament but they are common in medieval Jewish literature. The notion of the idols that Rebbecca stole from her father being real human heads mummified with a metal plate in the mouth inscribed with a magical name. The only other reference to that is in the targum pseudo Jonathan which is a Medieval Jewish writing. A cabalistic influence is obvious when you read Jasher. Add to this the fact that no ancient copy of the book of jasher exists. The oldest one known dates to the sixteen hundreds. That should be a big red light for a studier of bible history. The currently circulating book of jasher isn’t in the same class as first Enoch which is a genuinely ancient text and it is proven so by the fact that fragments of it have been found that date to two hundred BC. The book of Enoch was present among the dead sea scroll, proving that educated jews around the time of Christ considered it to be an accurate text. The currently circulating book of jasher was not present among the scrolls, as I pointed out no ancient copy exists. It’s basically a collection of jewish fables.

There is biblical proof that the current book of Jasher isn’t the real deal. Here is 2nd Samuel 1:17-18 from the Septuagint.

17 Then David sung this funereal Ode over Saul, and over Jonathan his son, and gave orders that the children of Juda should
18 learn it. Behold it is written in the book of Jasher.

Verses 19-27 of 2nd Samuel 1 are the funeral ode that David sang which is supposed to be in the book of Jasher but it is not in the current version in circulation. The current version ends long before David’s time. By this we can know that it’s not the real deal. The book makes an interesting read but it is only useful for tracking the downhill slide of Judaism after it’s rejection of Jesus. Conclusions drawn from it are based on fable not fact.

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2 Responses to The book of Jasher debunked.

  1. sistersuess says:

    Joshua 10:13 also speaks of the book of Jasher. So how could you say that the book of Jasher wasn’t way before David if it was before Joshua. The true book of Jasher prophesies Joshua’s long day. You have a good possibillity this book of jasher to day is a fraud, but I’d have to do my own research before I can fully believe you. If their is this magic in it and not the prophesy of Joshuas long day in it then this jasher is probably a false one.

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