Grace and works explained once and for all.

Hi guys. This morning as I listened to the preacher during the service, he explained grace and works with such perfect clarity that it occurred to me that I should condense the message and post it the benefit of others. The confusion comes from the misunderstanding about where grace applies and where works apply. Most people think both refer to eternal salvation, they don’t. Grace alone brings eternal salvation. It’s a free gift purchased by the blood of Christ on the cross. Grace is defined in the dictionary as ‘a favor rendered by someone who need not do so’ and that’s exactly what it is. By grace we get eternal salvation and by nothing else. OK once you have received eternal salvation by grace then what? Are you just going to stop right there and sit in that same spot? Not if you want to be of any use to the Lord Jesus. Works are for the benefit of the believer after eternal salvation has been received. There is another kind of salvation which is salvation from the troubles of the world. This is where works come in. Works are for the here and now, while we are in the flesh. Avoiding sin and following the Lord’s instructions will result in a closer walk with the Lord Jesus, benefiting the believer in countless ways, making him a more useful servant to his Master. We can’t be sinless while in the flesh but does that mean we shouldn’t try? Nonsense of course we should. If we avoid sin for a half a day before falling victim to it again, then we had a half a day in which our walk with the Lord was closer than it would have been if we hadn’t tried. When we do sin we can sense that the Lord has became distant from us, we miss the closeness and it grieves our spirit.

To put it in a nutshell. Grace is for eternal salvation. Works are for salvation from the troubles of the world, for right here and right now. I think this puts the grace vs works issue to bed once and for all.

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