Are Jews really Khazars

I hear this theory that Jews are really Khazars posing as Israelites stated often. Generally Ashkenazi Jews are believed to be Khazars. I had never heard of a country called Khazaria until I heard it mentioned by someone who was telling me that Jews are really Khazars. I read a lot about history so since I had never heard of Khazaria my first impression was that the whole story was a baloney. I decided to try to get to the truth of the matter as best I could. It turns out there is evidence that Khazaria did exist. There are mentions of it in old history books. Not many but there are enough to establish that a kingdom called Khazaria did exist. Encyclopedia Brittanica has a nice article about it. (1) There are also enough historical references to establish that the king and a number of the people there did convert to Judaism during the dark ages sometime in the 600-700 AD range. Now this just gives us a possibility that the theory is true. It’s not enough to say it’s fact. I turned to DNA studies to get more evidence. This isn’t really my thing so reading about it was brutal but I bit the bullet and read the results of DNA studies of modern Jewish populations. (2) It turns out that Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews do have differences in their DNA. They share some haplogroups that suggest that they do have some common ancestry. But there are also haplogroups that Ashkenazi have that Sephardim don’t have suggesting that the Ashkenazi have ancestry that other groups of Jews don’t share. The DNA evidence suggest that Ashkenazi do carry some Khazarian blood but also some Israelite blood. This was the conclusion of the researchers who did the DNA tests. So the Khazar theory is only partly true. Ashkenazi are not just Khazars they are really a mix of Jewish and Khazarian ancestry. Jewish scholars themselves admit to this and don’t have a problem with it. I don’t see why some consider this issue so important, if they deny the Lord Jesus the result is the same regardless whether they are Khazars or Jews.



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