What happened to the Jerusalem Church. The rest of the story.

Hi guys. Did you ever wonder what happened to the Church in Jerusalem when the city fell to the Romans in 70 AD? A lot of people think the Church perished with the city but this is far from the case. Around 60 AD skirmishes began to break out between Jews and Romans, also between rival factions in Judea. Wars and rumors of wars. In 66 AD Cestius marched the twelfth legion to Jerusalem to put down the rebellion. He surrounded the city and began his siege. During this five day siege there was nearly as much fighting among Jewish factions as there was between Jews and Romans. Cestius was on the verge of taking the city when for no apparent reason he withdrew his troops and left the area. The Jewish Christians remembered that Jesus had said ‘when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, get out of there’. See Luke 21:20-22. After Cestius withdrew all the Jews who were Christians left. Eusebius records that the Jewish Christians went across the Jordan to a place called Pella. A few months later when Titus marched his legions to Jerusalem there wasn’t a Christian left in the city. When Jerusalem fell to Titus the population of the city was entirely apostate Jews who had rejected the Lord Jesus. The Jewish Christians settled in Pella and thrived there, the Jerusalem Church didn’t disappear it just relocated.

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