Tom Horn and Steve Quayle go new age

I recently listened to an audio file by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle called Vatican Disclosure (1). I listened to about a third of it and had to stop. It was so dumb I couldn’t take it anymore. It was basically a new age teaching with Christian terminology thrown in. Here is the basis of what was being taught.

The universe and our solar system existed for thousands of years before the creation event described in Genesis. There were advanced civilizations with inhabitants on the planets in our solar system. One of them was Satan’s planet. He was the ruler of it. They all flew around in spaceships. Satan had his own spaceship and flew around in it. Then God blew up Satan’s planet, destroyed all the civilizations and then created man on earth. I’m not making this up they really were telling this stuff.

It’s basically the same scenario new agers teach except modified a little to make it sound Christian (as if that were possible). Instead of hi tech aliens flying around in spaceships they have Satan and his angels flying around in spaceships. They have a civilization on earth before man just like the new agers except that they have God creating it so it doesn’t sound as new agey. Never mind that the Bible says in Gen 1:5 that there was evening and morning THE FIRST DAY. God must have lied to us about that one. They even threw in Sitchin’s fairy tale planet Nibiru. As if Mike Heiser hadn’t debunked that one years ago.

The origins of this junk are rooted in gnosticism and the occult. The famous occultist Helene Blavatsky taught that there was a pre adamic race (2). So did Paschal Beverly Randolph (3).
I lost a lot of respect for Tom Horn or Steve Quayle.




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One Response to Tom Horn and Steve Quayle go new age

  1. I also do trust them at all. The pre Adamic race is a meaningless hypothesis. I find all the work of these people to be sloppy, spoken in the intellectually shrunken YouTube vocabulary. Plus I think they are snake oil salesman. People who actually discover earthshaking truths don’t sell that truth on DVDs. They give it to the world by every means possible.

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