My followup on Marzulli

After hearing some backlash about my previous article I decided to do a little research so I could better make my point. Some of you gave me some links and I used them. I will focus on one specific interview with Mr. Marzulli. In search of the nephilim with Hagmann and Hagmann. With this one alone I can make my points.

At the 23:00 minute mark Mr Marzulli says that creation is millions of years old. Never mind the fact that this was long ago disproven by AIG (1) and others. Marzulli goes on to say that mankind was created six to ten thousand years ago. This is basically the same scenario that new agers teach, an old universe with man only recently coming into play. The only difference is that Marzulli has God creating man and the new agers have aliens creating man (2). He speaks out against evolution as bait but his new age scenario doesn’t need it so he can have an old earth scenario without evolution.

Along about the 42:00-46:00 minute mark Marzulli talks about an experiment that took place. It seems they took human hair, dyed human hair, hair from a Peruvian mummy and hair from an abduction victim who supposedly had sex with a hybrid and used raman spectroscopy to examine the molecular structure. According to Marzulli the mummy hair and the hair from the abduction victim matched proving the mummy was a hybrid. According to Marzulli the hair from the abduction victim was a nephilim hair that got stuck to the victim when he had sex with the hybrid. He offers no proof that this was a nephilim hair. The only problem is the idea that alien abductions are real physical events has been shot down many times. We’ve shot it down several times in the PID group. So Marzulli is using a fairy tale to proof another fairy tale.

At about the 46:00-49:00 minute area Marzulli talks about the megalithic ruins in peru. Cuzco and others. He is giving the same basic spiel the history channel used in the ancient aliens show. The only difference is he has nephilim doing the building and the history channel has aliens doing the building. Chris White debunked the ancient aliens show with surgical precision. His debunking thoroughly shoots down Marzulli’s nephilim claim just as well as it shoots down the history channel’s alien claim (3).

At the 57:00-58:00 minute mark Marzulli talks about a chip that is being developed that will turn people into nephilim by altering their DNA. Another fairy tale idea that has been thoroughly debunked (4).

At the 1:02:00 mark Marzulli talks about ancient pagan sites being portals that were used to teleport in fallen angels. This is the basis for his ley line spiel. He says there was a grid system of these portals before the flood. The only problem is that scripture indicates that in no way do angels fallen or otherwise need a portal to go anywhere nor is there any real evidence for the existence of a grid system.

Marzulli has dreamed up this whole elaborate scenario which is a mixture of new age ideas and fringe Christianity. It’s basicall the same scenario that Tom Horn and Steve Quayle teach. It’s been debunked many times. Larry Scott believes this same scenario. When Larry talks about it he gets shot down but Marzulli preaches it and a lot of people swallow it. It’s like a vicious circle. We debunk the nonsense then some internet personality preaches it again and everybody falls back in line like a bunch of lemmings.

Mr. Marzulli argues against skeptics by pointing out scriptural evidence for the existence of nephilim. The only problem is the skeptics don’t deny the idea of nephilim in the past they just deny the idea of modern day nephilim. Marzulli never addresses this so his response to skeptics is just a straw man that he sets up and then knocks down.





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5 Responses to My followup on Marzulli

  1. darren says:

    Glad you are dealing with this, I had real bad feelings about these people now I Know why
    thank you

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  3. mike says:

    Always judging. One thing you must know though. Yes there is a chip that alters the DNA. Is it going to be used in humans? Absolutely. Currently its being used in horses and guess what, it works exactly fine. And there you go looking for answers in other sources yet the only Truth is here.

  4. Rob R says:

    While my sympathathies lie with young earth creationism, suggesting that they “disproved” an old earth is an oversimplification that does not do the debate justice. And connecting Marzulli with the New Age on the basis of the age of mankind at 6000-10000 years is an odd superficialility to base guilt by association… which is a fallacy anyway. I would also note that the documentary that you use against Marzulli with Chris White features and heavily relies upon expert testimony from Dr. Michael Heiser who is an old earth creationist who believes in Millions of Years. Michael Heiser is highly critical of LA Marzulli, and yet they pretty much believe the same thing about the nephillim and the alien-fallen angel connection.

    Thank you for posting that by the way. It doesn’t debunk Marzulli’s overall claim though it does go against just one aspect of the picture, that of ancient high technology in ancient civilization as evidence of fallen angel/nephillim influence and I would like to see Marzulli either abandon that or refute it. Nevertheless, his recent genetic invetigation of the “cone headed” peruvian skulls supports his hypothesis of a Nephilim diaspora from the middle east. Heiser criticized that, but very poorly and without actually looking at the details of the study that was made available in Marzulli’s book on nephilim/hybrids.

    What we still have in favor of the nephilim hybrid hypothesis is multitudes of newspaper articles from the 1800’s on giant skeletons from 7 to 15 feet unearthed all over including in the Ohio Mounds. Some of these articles detail how the Smithsonian would get involved, take the skeletons for research, and then the skeletons were never heard of again. We have Native American folklore that details how spirit beings came down, took their women and bred with them, sometimes before or after a flood (as Genesis 6 details that it happened “in those days” in the days of Noah “and also after that” suggesting more incursions after the flood), and their children were giants that were cannibalistic and at war with the Native Americans. These stories the are actually world wide, detailing a flood, gods or spirit beings mating with women, and having abominable children, or in some cultures, half-god like children, “might men,” like mentioned in Genesis 6. AIG whose opinion that you respect so much (not that I don’t have some respect for them) will confirm this and has in multiple publications. There is more evidence than that, but I won’t add to this already, not short reply.

    The whole idea of God or angels using portals is quite evident in scripture, as we have jacobs ladder, we have God responding to Job “out of the whirlwind” (a vortex?), taking Elijah in the whirlwind,” we have the gates of hell mentioned by Jesus, we have the opening of the abyss with a key in Revelations. The notion of a portal is not foreign to scripture at all. That’s not to say that a portal is or is always needed (there’s often more than one way to skin a cat), but nevertheless, they are used.

    They idea that DNA cannot be altered in a grown cell is just not true. That’s precisely what viruses do and scientists use viruses to alter DNA. And its not unbelievable that they will advance in the ability to do this. The idea that a virus cannot be engineered to change a cell without destroying it is pure speculation. if everyone assumed that what future science could accomplish is limited by what we know with current science, there would never be scientific and technological advancement. The mark of the beast as genetic engineering is the best explanation I’ve heard of that connects the seeming biological effects in revelation (boils, not being able to die) and the spiritual effects of damnation with no hope to God’s zero tolerance for those with the DNA from the serpent, the nephilim whom he also displays zero tolerance (wiping out these people with the flood, and the subsequent order from the Israelites to wipe out man woman and child of the Canaanites amongst whom there were whole tribes of giants, giants of whom we are told made the Israelites look like grasshoppers).

    The possibility of the nephillim incursion is very much left open by scripture when Jesus and Paul talk about the end times being like the days of Noah and we are further told that people would be married and given in marriage just like in the days of Noah. Genesis 6 talks about the days of Noah with reference to marriage. Who was married and being given in marriage in the days of Noah? A certain coupling was mentioned explicitly.

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