Why I think alien abductions are Just dreams or visions

There are a couple of reasons why I believe alien abductions are just dreams. First of all is the testimonies of abductees. They all start with phrases like these ‘as I was going to sleep’, ‘as I was waking up’, ‘I woke up and such and such happened’. They are pretty much all like this. All abductions take place at night when a victim is in and out of asleep. The evidence suggests that abductions are just demonic dream attacks. These dreams happen in a state of light or partial sleep when your brain is in an alpha state. The alpha state gives demons a sort of window into your mind. The dream is just a sort of demonic video feed. When you are awake and thinking your mind is in a beta state. Abduction experiences often start when someone wakes up or thinks he has awakened and then the experience begins. Demons will often include a false waking up vision at the beginning of a dream attack. This is to make the victim think what he is experiencing is real “I can’t be dreaming I just woke up”. The mind is in alpha so the logical and critical thinking is way below what it usually is. It can seem very real.

Here’s another tidbit of evidence. Calling out in the name of Jesus stops an abduction in it’s tracks. The vision of the space ship instantly disappears and the victim is in his bed. This strongly suggests that the victim was never in a space ship to begin with.

Women are often impregnated during abductions but there is never a medically confirmed pregnancy that results from this.

Victims are often operated on during abductions but afterward there is never a would or scar to suggest that the operation really took place.

Abduction victims experience unusual illnesses, headaches, nosebleeds, etc. These kinds of symptoms are also common with people under demonic oppression suggesting that the two are the same thing just with different visions.

As for the implants. The discovery channel made the special from which most of the evidence for implants is taken in these discussions. If you’ve ever watched Chris White’s “Ancient aliens debunked” then you know how dishonest the discovery channel can be. The so called implants are never technology. There are no circuits in them. They are just random bits of material usually some kind of metal.

I think we all know that Satan runs our government now. They don’t have any problem perpetrating the lie that aliens exist. They don’t want us to know it’s just demons and their deception.

None of us have to agree on this but these are my reasons. Years ago I was on the receiving end of demonic dream attacks so I know how real they can seem. A few times I actually thought I had woke up and was up walking around finding weird stuff happening. So when an abduction victim says that their experience happened while they were awake I don’t think they are lying because I know demons can make it look like you are awake. Once I learned what was really going on the jig was up though. That’s why I think it’s important for people to know that this isn’t physical. If a victim is convinced it’s real it will be harder for them to realize that the name of Jesus can put an end to this permanently.

Another reason I reject the idea of physical abductions is because the notion is intertwined with the idea of modern day nephilim. The scenario goes like this. Some abductions are physical and people really are taken to spaceships. They have added a Christian twist to it by saying that it is nephilim in the spaceships doing the abducting instead of aliens. The whole crazy scenario has many new age elements intertwined in it. See my article about the modern nephilim scenario compared to new age beliefs.


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2 Responses to Why I think alien abductions are Just dreams or visions

  1. RespectfullyDisagree says:

    Hello brother, I just finished reading this article as well as the Modern Nephilim Scenario and I respectfully disagree with a couple of statements that you made. You stated, “Victims are often operated on during abductions but afterward there is never a wound or scar to suggest that the operation really took place”. That is not true, there are often small wounds, scoup marks in the skin, ect… that were not previously there. You also stated, “The so called implants are never technology. There are no circuits in them. They are just random bits of material usually some kind of metal”. According to Dr. Rodger Lear, who has removed “alien implants” and analyzed them, they give off a frequency, have carbon nano tubes which are not found in nature, and are made of metal only found in meteorites. His website is well documented. In the table you made for the Modern Nephilim Scenario article you state that there are no spaceships. I have personally witnessed several UFO’s as have other serious Christian brothers and sisters. I recommend checking out the first hand account of Gary Stearman from Prophecy in the News who had, as he described it, a silver disk UFO, fly next to the plane that he was piloting. I have been researching this topic for quite some time now and believe that there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that the phenomenon is very real. The Lord has used this topic to bring me back to him in a very real way…it was the topic that caused me to walk away in the first place. I will leave you with this thought…the best lies have 90% truth and 10% falsehood. Just enough to get you to question the truth.
    Ultimately, Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life.
    I look forward to your reply.

    • BillyClyde says:

      Hello Bob. I’m sorry about the delay in responding. The last few weeks have been hectic. Concerning the items remove by Dr. Roger Lear. His wording is very careful. And he leaves out the data itself. Carbon nanotubes do exist in nature (1). In what way were the nanotubes Lear found different from natural ones? Lear doesn’t say. He also said they give off a frequency. That can mean a lot of things (2). What kind of frequency? Lear doesn’t say.

      As for sightings of UFOs. I don’t doubt for a minute that people have seen objects in the sky that they cannot identify. The keyword here is ‘unidentified’. People see them. Sometimes they are actually tracked by radar and sometimes not. They are never tracked coming into the atmosphere or leaving it. The scenario is always the same. They appear, seemingly from nowhere, poeople see them, then they are gone without a trace. At times they just disappear. They are often observed doing maneuvers that are physically impossible such as accelerating from a stop to incredible speed almost instantly. Why are they able to do this? I believe because they aren’t really there, at least not in a physical way.

      You seem like a sincere guy. We don’t have to agree here. If we both continue studying this perhaps our opinions will come together in the future.

      (1) http://victorcastano.net/resources/cyl-chemphyslett.pdf
      (2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frequency

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