Elongated Skulls, My Theory

I have a theory about what was going on with those elongated skulls that we see pictures of all over the net. The skulls are attributed to everything from nephilim to alien hybrids and other such whackadoodle. I have an idea that fits better with the facts. We know the elongation of the skulls was due to head binding. The question is why. There’s been speculation that they were trying to emulate the appearance of some other people group. OK if that’s the case then who? I have an idea who it might be. First lets look at some pictures.

Here is a typical elongated skull of the style found at Paracas.


Now here is a Neanderthal skull.


Now here’s a Neanderthal skull and an average human skull side by side for comparison.


Notice how the Neanderthal skull is elongated towards the rear. Were the head binders trying to look like Neanderthals? In his book ‘Buried Alive’ Jack Cuozzo offers very good evidence that Neanderthals were just people who lived to be very old. (1) The bones of the face and head continue to grow even in old age. If you could live to be three hundred plus years old you also would have the type of features a Neanderthal had. It’s pretty obvious that the Neanderthal remains that have been found are from the first several generations after the flood when people still live several hundred years. The timeline of the book of genesis tells us that some of these first post flood people were still alive as late as Abraham’s time. That is in the 2100 to 1800 BC range. The practice of head binding is believed to pre-date written history. (2) What probably happened was that as people stopped living long enough to look like their forefathers the practice was taken up. To the later generations these first post flood generations would have seemed nearly immortal. Much later cases of head binding suggest that the practice was passed down and continued long after everyone who remembered what the ancients had looked like was dead.

1 http://www.jackcuozzo.com/

2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_cranial_deformation

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