Tom Horn and Steve Quayle go new age

I recently listened to an audio file by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle called Vatican Disclosure (1). I listened to about a third of it and had to stop. It was so dumb I couldn’t take it anymore. It was basically a new age teaching with Christian terminology thrown in. Here is the basis of what was being taught.

The universe and our solar system existed for thousands of years before the creation event described in Genesis. There were advanced civilizations with inhabitants on the planets in our solar system. One of them was Satan’s planet. He was the ruler of it. They all flew around in spaceships. Satan had his own spaceship and flew around in it. Then God blew up Satan’s planet, destroyed all the civilizations and then created man on earth. I’m not making this up they really were telling this stuff.

It’s basically the same scenario new agers teach except modified a little to make it sound Christian (as if that were possible). Instead of hi tech aliens flying around in spaceships they have Satan and his angels flying around in spaceships. They have a civilization on earth before man just like the new agers except that they have God creating it so it doesn’t sound as new agey. Never mind that the Bible says in Gen 1:5 that there was evening and morning THE FIRST DAY. God must have lied to us about that one. They even threw in Sitchin’s fairy tale planet Nibiru. As if Mike Heiser hadn’t debunked that one years ago.

The origins of this junk are rooted in gnosticism and the occult. The famous occultist Helene Blavatsky taught that there was a pre adamic race (2). So did Paschal Beverly Randolph (3).
I lost a lot of respect for Tom Horn or Steve Quayle.




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What happened to the Jerusalem Church. The rest of the story.

Hi guys. Did you ever wonder what happened to the Church in Jerusalem when the city fell to the Romans in 70 AD? A lot of people think the Church perished with the city but this is far from the case. Around 60 AD skirmishes began to break out between Jews and Romans, also between rival factions in Judea. Wars and rumors of wars. In 66 AD Cestius marched the twelfth legion to Jerusalem to put down the rebellion. He surrounded the city and began his siege. During this five day siege there was nearly as much fighting among Jewish factions as there was between Jews and Romans. Cestius was on the verge of taking the city when for no apparent reason he withdrew his troops and left the area. The Jewish Christians remembered that Jesus had said ‘when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, get out of there’. See Luke 21:20-22. After Cestius withdrew all the Jews who were Christians left. Eusebius records that the Jewish Christians went across the Jordan to a place called Pella. A few months later when Titus marched his legions to Jerusalem there wasn’t a Christian left in the city. When Jerusalem fell to Titus the population of the city was entirely apostate Jews who had rejected the Lord Jesus. The Jewish Christians settled in Pella and thrived there, the Jerusalem Church didn’t disappear it just relocated.

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Are Jews really Khazars

I hear this theory that Jews are really Khazars posing as Israelites stated often. Generally Ashkenazi Jews are believed to be Khazars. I had never heard of a country called Khazaria until I heard it mentioned by someone who was telling me that Jews are really Khazars. I read a lot about history so since I had never heard of Khazaria my first impression was that the whole story was a baloney. I decided to try to get to the truth of the matter as best I could. It turns out there is evidence that Khazaria did exist. There are mentions of it in old history books. Not many but there are enough to establish that a kingdom called Khazaria did exist. Encyclopedia Brittanica has a nice article about it. (1) There are also enough historical references to establish that the king and a number of the people there did convert to Judaism during the dark ages sometime in the 600-700 AD range. Now this just gives us a possibility that the theory is true. It’s not enough to say it’s fact. I turned to DNA studies to get more evidence. This isn’t really my thing so reading about it was brutal but I bit the bullet and read the results of DNA studies of modern Jewish populations. (2) It turns out that Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews do have differences in their DNA. They share some haplogroups that suggest that they do have some common ancestry. But there are also haplogroups that Ashkenazi have that Sephardim don’t have suggesting that the Ashkenazi have ancestry that other groups of Jews don’t share. The DNA evidence suggest that Ashkenazi do carry some Khazarian blood but also some Israelite blood. This was the conclusion of the researchers who did the DNA tests. So the Khazar theory is only partly true. Ashkenazi are not just Khazars they are really a mix of Jewish and Khazarian ancestry. Jewish scholars themselves admit to this and don’t have a problem with it. I don’t see why some consider this issue so important, if they deny the Lord Jesus the result is the same regardless whether they are Khazars or Jews.



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Grace and works explained once and for all.

Hi guys. This morning as I listened to the preacher during the service, he explained grace and works with such perfect clarity that it occurred to me that I should condense the message and post it the benefit of others. The confusion comes from the misunderstanding about where grace applies and where works apply. Most people think both refer to eternal salvation, they don’t. Grace alone brings eternal salvation. It’s a free gift purchased by the blood of Christ on the cross. Grace is defined in the dictionary as ‘a favor rendered by someone who need not do so’ and that’s exactly what it is. By grace we get eternal salvation and by nothing else. OK once you have received eternal salvation by grace then what? Are you just going to stop right there and sit in that same spot? Not if you want to be of any use to the Lord Jesus. Works are for the benefit of the believer after eternal salvation has been received. There is another kind of salvation which is salvation from the troubles of the world. This is where works come in. Works are for the here and now, while we are in the flesh. Avoiding sin and following the Lord’s instructions will result in a closer walk with the Lord Jesus, benefiting the believer in countless ways, making him a more useful servant to his Master. We can’t be sinless while in the flesh but does that mean we shouldn’t try? Nonsense of course we should. If we avoid sin for a half a day before falling victim to it again, then we had a half a day in which our walk with the Lord was closer than it would have been if we hadn’t tried. When we do sin we can sense that the Lord has became distant from us, we miss the closeness and it grieves our spirit.

To put it in a nutshell. Grace is for eternal salvation. Works are for salvation from the troubles of the world, for right here and right now. I think this puts the grace vs works issue to bed once and for all.

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Paternal Spiritual Lineage and Matrilineal Descent.

Paradox Brown’s explanation of paternal spiritual lineage (1) has tied up a lot of loose ends for me and continues to do so. I will briefly explain paternal spiritual lineage for those not familiar with the idea. A child’s genes come half and half from the father and mother. However a child’s spirit is inherited solely from the father. We have inherited the spirit of Adam handed down through our fathers since mankind was created. Paternal spiritual lineage makes a lot of things clear including how we inherit sin nature and how Jesus didn’t. The more I ponder paternal spiritual lineage the more I keep seeing connections that are made clear by it. Recently I have been thinking. In modern Jewish tradition a person is Jewish if his mother was Jewish. A person’s spirit comes through the father, so why is Jewish identity traced through the mother. The bible clearly indicates that this was not always the case. In Genesis Joseph was married to a non-Jewish woman, and his children were considered Jewish. Ruth, a gentile mother was an ancestor of David, Solomon and Jesus. Yet all the descendants of Ruth and Boaz are clearly considered to be Jews. When and why did this change? After doing some digging I found that matrilineal descent seems to have came about in the late second and third century AD. (2) This time frame automatically sends up a red flag because at this time the Jews had been kicked out of Palestine by the Romans. Most had went back to Babylon where there had been a large Jewish community ever since the Babylonian Captivity. Judaism was degenerating into occultism. The Mishna and the Talmud were being written in Babylon at this time. That’s why it’s called the Babylonian Talmud, it was written in Babylon by the Rabbis there. (3) The Mishna was written down first then the Talmud developed out of the Mishna. The Talmud is a very blasphemous book heavily influenced by the occultism rampant in Babylon at the time. (4) Doing some more digging I found that the Mishna was the basis for the shift from patrilineal to matrilineal descent. (5) Judaism begins to be influenced by the occult and right away the policy shifts from patrilineal to matrilineal descent. Are the two events related? I think they are.

Originally the Jews descended from Adam then from Noah like all of us. Noah was said to be ‘pure in his generation’. (6) This statement is thought by many to mean that Noah was uncorrupted by interbreeding by fallen angels or their nephilim offspring. The spirit being inherited from the father, a nephilim would carry the spirit of his fallen angel father not the spirit of Adam. Any children sired by a nephilim would inherit that same fallen angel spirit and right on down the line. Noah was pure and had the spirit of Adam. I think it is likely that this is why Hebrew lineages were tracked so carefully and written down in such detail in the old testament. It was to be sure the spirit being handed down was the spirit of Adam and not the spirit of rebellion. Another interesting detail in the bible suggests this. When the Israelites were taking control of Canaan, after they had conquered a Canaanite city they were allowed to keep the young girls alive but the men and young boys they were to kill. (7) Perhaps because a young boy carrying a nephilim spirit could grow up and pass it down to any children that he may sire, however this would not be a problem with a young girl because the spirit is inherited from the father. The bible doesn’t say this is the case but there must have been a reason for it and this one makes sense.

Now under matrilineal descent the Jewish identity is traced through the mother and the father could be anyone and the child would still be considered Jewish. A father carrying a nephilim spirit could now sire Jewish children and there could begin to be Jews who had the spirit of rebellion instead of the spirit of Adam. If these people became numerous and got into positions of authority it would have disastrous effects. Is this why Judaism began to get horribly corrupt starting in the third century AD? Is this why the basis for the blasphemous Talmud began to be written at this time? In this same time period we see Jewish mysticism begin to develop. This early Jewish mysticism would later develop into Kabbalah. (8) Kabbalah is pure occultism. (9) Is it a coincidence that it’s beginnings coincide with the shift to matrilineal descent? This is all just speculation. Anyone feel free to debunk it.


  5. Genesis 6:9
  6. Numbers 31:15-18, Deuteronomy 20:13’14
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Rewriting DNA.

Over the past few weeks I have read a lot of posts and heard a lot of podcasts in which the rewriting of DNA has been talked about. It’s gotten to the point of being ridiculous. I’ve heard it proposed that the mark of the beast is altered DNA. The story goes that the evil one has his scientists working on rewriting DNA which is going to be put into humans to change them into something other than human, nephilim maybe. When someone posts dumb things like this without doing their homework it just makes Christians look stupid. First off, scientists can splice genes. It’s being done a lot, however it cannot be used to change a human or an animal into something else. DNA doesn’t work that way. DNA is a code for the building and development of a creature. Once that is done it can’t be changed by adding new DNA. Every cell in your body has your DNA in it’s nucleus. They could rewrite a strand of DNA then put it into a cell, then put that cell into a human body. The body would then have one altered DNA strand. The other trillion cells would still have the original DNA. DNA doesn’t spread from cell to cell. The one cell with the altered DNA may split, then there would be two cells with altered DNA. At the same time the other trillion cells in the body are also splitting, producing new cells with the original DNA. Once the body has grown and developed per the code in it’s original DNA, it’s a done deal. New DNA is not going to make the body rebuild itself into something new. It doesn’t work that way. Anyone who paid attention in high school biology class will know this. Doctors have been implanting valves and arteries from pig hearts into humans for thirty years or more. This is done when the patient has damage to the heart that cannot be repaired another way. The patient then lives the rest of his life with a pig artery full of pig DNA inside his body. The DNA doesn’t spread and turn the patient into a pig. It doesn’t work that way.

Now having said all that I will point out what they maybe can do. It would be possible to alter DNA then put it into an egg, then allow the egg to grow and develop into whatever organism the altered DNA is coded for. This is what is done with genetically modified crops. If DNA is changed before growth an altered creature can be produced. But an already developed organism will not be altered by adding new DNA. It’s too late development has already taken place.

The mark of the beast is not altered DNA, You cannot be turned into a nephilim by the addition of new DNA, Nimrod was not changed into a nephilim, etc, etc. I hope I have added some common sense into this issue.

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The Book of Jubilees

I finally got around to researching and reading the book of Jubilees. I couldn’t resist posting a few observations. It is a fascinating book to say the least. Jubilees was present among the dead sea scrolls and fragments of it have been found that are a little older. So it is a genuinely ancient text. It seems to come from the intertestamental period. Scholars generally date it to the Maccabean period or about 150 BC.

What I found in the book was a blending scripture and fable. It comes from the same time frame in which the mishna (oral tradition) was developing and the two are likely part of the same movement. With Jubilees we can find the early stages of many fables found in jewish tradition. Two hundred years later in the gospels we see Jesus condemning those traditions (Matthew 15:3,6). And two hundred years after that we see the fables in their final blasphemous form appear in the talmuds.

Many of the stories in Jubilees come from scripture but are distorted to support jewish bigotry. Here are a few examples. When Abraham rescues lot there is a mention of tithing but no mention of Melchezedek. The idea of a jew tithing to a gentile was revolting to the prejudiced jewish mind of the period (Jubilees 13:25,26). Isaak’s covenant with Abimelech is distorted to make Abimelech appear evil (Jubilees 24:26,27). Isaak’s blessing to Esau is totally changed (Jubilees 26:34).

Jubilees gives us a snapshot of what is going on in the minds of scribes during the Maccabean period. Clearly they hated all gentiles. It is a very interesting read but a reader should keep in mind that it’s not scripture. One thing about it that I thought was cool was that the writer seems to have a totally accurate understanding of demonology. We do see this in scripture but not until the new testament. There are several mentions of Mastema (Satan) that are not in scripture though.

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